Jan van Unnik

Digital Architect

Where it all started

Back in high-school, I got hooked on online marketing while I was trying to expand my iPod repair & upgrade side hustle. During the first year of my academic studies, I registered my own business and worked with SME’s to optimize their digital marketing. Throughout those years, I gradually moved towards more technology oriented projects. After graduating, I shifted my focus to large enterprises as a technical consultant with Merkle. At the start of 2021 I brought everything together, by starting to work independently as a marketing technologist and digital architect.

Marketing Engineers

At the beginning of 2023, I founded Marketing Engineers. After working as a freelancer for over two years, I was craving more entrepreneurship and a solid team to work with. So long story short: I registered Marketing Engineers B.V., hired my first colleague, signed two freelancers, partnered up with Nubis and onboarded existing clients that were eager to take this next step together with us. We serve organizations and teams, that get stuck on topics that fall between Technology, Data and Marketing. We take care of complex marketing technology implementations and take care of the data that flows through these systems.

Freelance projects

Over the past years I committed to several assignments and projects. The activities on the pages below stand out as they are part of my ongoing partnerships and initiatives.

Nubis - The Digital-Tech Agency (2021 - 2022)

Nubis was founded as an online marketing agency back in 2010. During the first ten years, the industry changed from being led by a relatively small group of experts, into being a common skill set within most businesses. As agencies are accelerators of innovation and change, they need to constantly rethink their added value to remain relevant. With this in mind, I partnered with Nubis in 2021. During this time I led their online marketing team and worked closely with the in-house development team, to transition the company into ‘The Digital-Tech Agency’.

NPEX (2021 - 2022)

NPEX brings together entrepreneurs and investors, through financing and investment products. In 2021 I worked with the board of directors to assist in the development of strategic plans. We worked closely with customers, colleagues and shareholders to construct a vision and roadmap for the years to come. Marketing plays a critical role in the ambitions of NPEX and we’re currently scaling the marketing and communication divisions, on all channels.

Shopsuite (2022)

Shopsuite is a partnership marketing platform that is being developed in collaboration with Nubis. After leading the Nubis marketing team, I took the lead in the development of Shopsuite. The team is growing a next-gen partnership marketing platform that brings together publishers and advertisers through high-quality product widgets. We are evolving the affiliate and partnership marketing industry with qualitative and privacy-friendly digital product marketing.

Cookieless Coffee and Consortium (2021 - 2022)

The Cookieless Coffee started as an initiative with my companion Wouter Hosman. We’ve been noticing for years that privacy awareness and tracking prevention has led to a decay of online marketing data. To address this trend, we organized public gatherings where we presented our vision on the matter(s) and hosted discussions around privacy-centric digital marketing. In a more private and in-depth setting, we also founded a Cookieless Consortium together with T-Mobile Netherlands, JustEat Takeaway and other large Dutch brands.

Other projects (2021 - 2022)

Besides the projects above, I’ve also worked on various project for:

  • Body&Fit
  • Beiersdorf (Nivea)
  • Flying Blue (Air France - KLM)
  • T-Mobile
  • Stichting VeiligheidNL
  • &C Media