Current job:

Oxyma, a Merkle company

December 2017

Currently I am a Consultancy Trainee at Oxyma, a Merkle company. As a Junior Consultant I advice firms on how to gather, structure and apply data to deliver an optimal customer experience.

Past experiences:

KLM Homepage

Royal Dutch Airlines

May 2017

Graduate internship within the KLM Information Management Organization (IMO). Working with IT and Business to develop traveler communication processes. Additionally I am conducting research for my Master Thesis at KLM FlightGuide.

Homepage Whinkel


November 2015

Managed the digital marketing activities of all online Whinkel webshops.


September 2015

In 2015 I did a three month internship at Google's BeNeLux AdWords team in Dublin, Ireland.

Homepage Oxyma

Oxyma / 2organize

September 2014

Two months academic internship where I researched the current use and future of omnichannel direct marketing channels, at three (multi)national corporations.

Homepage Bier&cO


September 2013

Started as a three month internship, where I assisted all digital marketing activities of their sister company Bier&zO (webshop management, email marketing, AdWords). I have remained active for this company ever since. 

Homepage Het RSG


September 2011

Student association where I have been active during my whole study.  Here I have participated in numerous activities and committees. For example: founding an officially registered investment club (BeleggeRSG), organizing an introductory week for all University students, a seat in a supervisory board, and many more.


September 2010

This is where my passion for tech started: a start-up that focused on the online aggregation of entertainment news. I was responsible for data management and some PR through my last year of high school.